The following is an excerpt from Global Defense, a quarterly magazine offering news and analysis on subjects and trends in weapon technologies, market developments, defense policy, legislation, military budgets, issues affecting the industrial base, and insight geared towards defense professionals in private and government sectors. [Article originally published 24 years ago.]


Dutra Industries declared bankruptcy last month after failing to reach a deal to sell the tech company. It will liquidate its remaining assets and close its corporate headquarters in Hetland.

The failure of the Dutra Industries’ Security-Defense-Enforcement (SDE) line of androids has been blamed for the company’s financial woes and irreparable downturn. The SDE models were plagued by significant mechanical defects and performance issues that were never fully addressed or resolved by the company. Another complaint was the androids’ inferior armor plating, which made the models easily susceptible to damage.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.