[Archived 27 Years Ago]
AI Development Division CA-7
Head Engineer: Ian Herver // Log Entry: E.302

Today’s mobility test results for the SDE models were significantly more promising than last week’s. The android’s lighter body frame has given the unit much more combat maneuverability, but this comes at the expense of the model’s armor plating, which is now considerably reduced. Earlier prototypes yielded far better survival rates during live-ammunition trials, even if the heavier armor made them more cumbersome.

I am told that this is a trade-off the company is adamant we make—mobility over durability. I would rather reduce the armor by only 30% instead of the requested 65%. The maneuverability may make the androids appear more impressive during a corporate demonstration, but they will be much more susceptible to damage in a real-world combat scenario.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.