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HGS-A1 AirBat

The HGS-A1 AirBat is a short-range medium-airlift military transport aircraft designed by Horizon Global Solutions. Intended to replace outdated models like the ZT-11, ZT-22, and the A0-36, the HGS-A1 has an avionics suite similar to the A0-44, uses Magnis D-736-186GY engines, and is powered by a D90 utanium core system.

Over 250 aircrafts were manufactured and sold before production ended in favor of the HGS-A2.

Though the HGS-A1 models were generally regarded as a dependable aircraft with numerous advanced safety features, there were several reports of electrical issues—including two accounts of catastrophic aircraft powerplant failure in mid-flight, one of which resulted in a documented crash.

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