Audio Log – Auto Transcription
[Recorded 3 Years Ago]

BASE COMMAND: Sir, we’re just received word of AirBat 289 crashing in Kurtow.


BC: Unknown, sir. The pilot and co-pilot were the only occupants. Prior to the transmission ending, they intended to bail out. No confirmation if they did.

CD: 289 was carrying a weapon cache, correct?

BC: Surface-to-air missile launchers, aerial mines, and replacement parts for a VN39 railgun—all to be brought to Sector 12 for the Kurtow training exercise.

CD: Have a rescue unit sent to investigate.

BC: With all due respect, sir—procedure dictates that the Airbat 289 and its contents should be remote detonated. Prevention of weapons from entering—

CD: I’m aware of procedure. We don’t know if those men are alive or if they’re still aboard the plane. I’m not wasting lives over standard hardware—I don’t give a damn how valuable the brass thinks it is. I want a surveillance drone to survey the area. Is that understood?

BC: Understood, sir.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.