[Archived 10 Years Ago]
Research and Development Division D6-8
Development Engineer: Niro Gretz // Log Entry: 143

Success at last! A Nuclear Riddium-2 Fusion core is the ideal power source for the GunRiot. The vehicle has managed to achieve optimal power output, with no noticeable hinderance to performance. Weapon systems operate at maximum efficiency and speed/mobility tests have surpassed expectations.

Further trials will continue next week. Early on, there was concern that operating the GunRiot in combat mode for extended periods could result in a meltdown of the Nuclear Riddium-2 core. This seems extremely unlikely, as the NR-2s are durable enough to withstand the projected “wear and tear”.

The NR-2s are, however, fast becoming outdated. Even now, these cores are being replaced in favor of the NR-3s. New alternatives, such as Utanium cores, may prove to be superior—and safer—options. For now we’ll equip the prototype GunRiot with the NR-2 and upgrade once the next phase of the Hyper Cycle project is approved.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.