[Archived 10 Years Ago]
Research and Development Division D6-8
Development Engineer: Niro Gretz // Log Entry: 138

For the GunRiot to properly function, it requires a powerful—and reliable—energy source. The original design called for a HyperFusion power core—but the results proved disastrous, nearly exploding inside the vehicle. A Cyron-3 cell was attempted, melting within the GunRiot after 33 seconds of operating procedures. Next was a Polymar-74 core, which yielded better results, until the GunRiot engaged its weapon systems, resulting in an overload that forced the entire system to crash.

One option is to lower the GunRiot’s power output with a series of internal limiters, but that defeats the entire purpose of these high-performance attack vehicles.

If a suitable power source is not found soon, the Hyper Cycle project will likely be shuttered.

–Dr. Gretz

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.