[Archived 25 Years Ago]
Lead Division Engineer: Alyn Thage // Log Entry: R.301

Out of the twenty-nine subjects, only Cephaltus has shown susceptibility to our programming and, though there has been notable progress, the results remain significantly below expectations.

In eighty-four percent of tests, Cephaltus responds to the programming without deviation. In the remaining sixteen percent, the subject will reject all orders and then adopt aggressive/destructive behavior, lashing out at anything or anyone around it. As of last week, we lost our fourteenth technician during an incident.

We have been unable to determine why the subject can not be brought under permanent control.

Due to lack of results, we have been ordered to contain and/or destroy all of the subjects. For now we will contain Cephaltus in Sector 3A, Containment Facility 03 (CF01).

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.