[Archived 25 Years Ago]
Lead Division Engineer: Alyn Thage // Log Entry: R.227

As we enter Phase Two of the Hades Project, we must refocus our approach to bio-weapon research and development. Though producing viable subjects has been a success, maintaining control over them during field ops is where this project ultimately lives or dies. We have created truly impressive organisms, but an effective bio-weapon must be able to follow directives, recognize specified targets, and differentiate allies from enemy combatants.

Cephaltus, formerly referred to as Biological Weapon Subject 01 (BWS01), has proven to be the most resilient of all our test subjects, despite being the first of the seven created. Even following the same formula, data, and procedures, we have been unable to replicate the exact process that has given Cephaltus’ superior resilience. Could it have been due to a divergent strain during the genetic structuring? Perhaps an aberrant form of morphogenesis? Whichever the case, it has been decided that Cephaltus will be the first to undergo programming.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.