The following is an excerpt from Global Defense, a quarterly magazine offering news and analysis on subjects and trends in weapon technologies, market developments, defense policy, legislation, military budgets, issues affecting the industrial base, and insight geared towards defense professionals in both private and government sectors. [Article originally published 27 years ago.]


Sustained demand for lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs) has driven defense contractors, tech companies and armament manufacturers into fierce competition, with new startups emerging every month, all promising revolutionary “game-changing” products. The struggle to develop more advanced LAW-based technologies, including autonomous aerial, underwater, and all-terrain drones remains at the forefront of LAW development, but renewed interest in tactical combat androids has provided many companies with another viable submarket to explore.

Dutra Industries has recently announced a release date for their upcoming line of Security-Defense-Enforcement (SDE) androids, which they claim will utilize a more sophisticated AI than any LAW currently on the market. The SDE models will be available next year and early demonstrations are already underway for potential clients.

Marketed as an “arsenal on legs”, the androids’ weapon specifications include hidden machine cannons, multiple laser cutters, an MNF-1 flamethrower, and retractable elbow-mounted high-frequency blades. The operational specs of the SDE model’s strength, speed, and processing power are second-to-none. While Dutra Industries has yet to provide pricing, they claim private and government interest has been so high that they will be announcing presale options later this month.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.