Taken from the GunRiot [prototype] marketing material:

The first in Syren Industries’ line of Neo Hyper Cycles, the GunRiot is a revolutionary breakthrough in combat-based mobility, speed, and raw firepower. Reaching a top speed of 350 km/h, fully armored with Takt-4 blastproof plating and equipped with a multi-directional attack arsenal, the GunRiot is capable of engaging multiple targets on the battlefield while in constant motion.

Features include an auto-navigation system, advanced cruise control, computer controlled anti-lock brakes, omni-directional radar/camera systems, gyro-stabilization self-balancing monitor, slip mitigation system, anti-reflective SmartCoating visor, and a LumaZone uni-laser headlight.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.