The following is an excerpt from the book, City of Ruin, by Naria Heft. [Originally published five years ago.]

Before the earthquake, Kurtow was the largest district in Pallad City—often referred to as a megadistrict due to its enormous size and population. Some forty years prior, Kurtow nearly underwent a form of urban succession when a proposal was introduced to separate the district from Pallad City. Had the proposal passed, it would have allowed Kurtow its own mayor, municipal services, and infrastructure—effectively transitioning Kurtow from being a district to becoming its own city. Though Pallad City is composed of various districts, Kurtow is unique in that it, in itself, houses five smaller subdistricts (Aster, Yakaros, Daylum, Vangelos, and Karo). Despite gaining traction with elected officials and the public, Kurtow would ultimately remain a district within Pallad City. Several prominent critics at the time cited the proposal as a “logistical and economic nightmare,” a quote which had been repeated in the media, turning most one-time supporters against the idea.

Ironically, after the earthquake, despite Kurtow still officially and legally being a part of Pallad City, the wall that separates the district has, in effect, become the ultimate form of succession.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.