[Archived Broadcast – 2 Weeks Ago]
Morning Madness with Brice Yates – NetRadio Program

BRICE YATES: It’s Morning Madness on X88.2 with Brice Yates and Holis Duran. So, hot topic this morning, a bunch of supplies were air-dropped across the Kurtow ruins last week as part of a plan to reboot the district’s economy.

HOLIS DURAN: Hey, what’s the rush? It’s only been twenty-five years.

YATES: [Laughter] But who’s counting? Guess someone figured they’d better get on this. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the government dropping supplies on a regular basis?

DURAN: So they claim.

YATES: But this time’s different, right? These supplies went to pre-selected individuals who could then open businesses and sell them as goods. My takeaway from all this is that the government believes, by creating these businesses, it’ll help get Kurtow back on track and make the district self-sustaining.

DURAN: That’s their theory, anyway. The government claims these supplies will help foster businesses in the ruins. That’s what it says, “help foster businesses.” Their words, not mine—I’ve got the document in front of me. Serious question, do people in Kurtow even have money?

YATES: [Laughter] Maybe they’re dropping some of that into the ruins too.

DURAN: Okay, so after twenty-five years of lawlessness, a few stores open and everything just works itself out? Bang, society restored?

YATES: The power of capitalism, my friend. [Laughter]

DURAN: [Laughter] Okay, but what’s to stop roving thugs from just taking everything? How can the government even trust these people they’re sending the supplies to? My bet, in a few weeks not one of these businesses will still be open. The shelves will be picked clean and it’ll be back to square one. The people who really need the food, clothes, medicine—all that stuff—will be screwed. But maybe it’s me, maybe I’m not seeing the bigger picture here.

YATES: I think we’re all in the dark with this one. Other than rumors and the occasional report, the general public hasn’t a clue what’s really going on in Kurtow. Drones aren’t allowed over the wall, so who knows, it could be one big utopia over there.

DURAN: Wouldn’t that be something. But what I really want to know is, do people in Kurtow listen to Morning Madness?

YATES: [Laughter] If so, they’re worse off than I thought!

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.