The following is an excerpt from the book, City of Ruin, by Naria Heft. [Originally published five years ago.]

While the government maintains that regular supply drops are sent to Kurtow residents, the general public has no access to official records that can validate it. Which resources are being provided, or the quantity, also remains unknown. A 1,725-page “Kurtow Relief” bill exists, but even that fails to provide more than vague political strategies, marred by convoluted legal terminology.

Last year a series of leaked documents appeared on the Net, one of which was an alleged inventory list for a Kurtow supply drop. Most supplies consisted of canned food, bottled water, and limited amounts of medicine. Though other items were listed, no clothing was included.

This would explain why clothing has been cited as such a valuable commodity in Kurtow. Due to the finite amount available within the ruins, articles of clothing have become increasingly difficult to find, while existing clothing often needs to be repaired or refitted for the harsh living conditions.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.