[Archived 25 Years Ago]
Assistant Division Engineer: Liu Heng // Log Entry: A.178

Early on we had considered removing Cephaltus’ pain receptors, but ultimately decided to leave them intact. In hindsight, our decision may have been in error. During testing, the subject has shown considerable response to pain and, in some cases, even minimal sensory trauma has caused Cephaltus to enter into a state of berserk rage. We have since tried dulling the subject’s pain response via intramuscular injections and using significant quantities of dysohypnol gas for sedation. The results have been very promising and, using both methods, Cephaltus’ pain thresholds have improved drastically, even more so than any of the other test subjects.

It is imperative that we keep large amounts of klydocaine injectors and dysophypnol gas on hand, as it is currently the only way to maintain control of Cephaltus when the behavioral programming fails.

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.