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Topic: Omega Cult

27 :Raako: 9/3 (13:19:12) ID: 7vc29cn1
I swear, each week I’m seeing more and more Omega cult graffiti in the city. There’s no way a bunch of anti-tech psychos can have that much of a following, right?

28 :JigglyKitten: 9/3 (13:22:01) ID: 9we87nb4
It’s probably one guy with nothing to do just tagging everything.

29 :xtinctman: 9/3 (13:25:47) ID: 1yt12cb7
^Don’t be so sure. I hear they’re recruiting in Kurtow. Perfect place for it too, the people in that shithole are probably desperate enough to join anything. If the living conditions over there are as bad as they say, it wouldn’t take much to convince them.

30 :R3CK3D: 9/3 (13:29:56) ID 8vb10dh2
Very doubtful the Omegas are entering Kurtow. How are they getting over the wall? Without officially saying it, the city’s had a “no one in, no one out” policy for years.

31: :xtinctman: 9/3 (13:36:27) ID: 1yt12cb7
Theory A: They’re getting in/out via old abandoned subway tunnels. A bunch of tunnels used to run from other districts into Kurtow, but they caved in during the quake. People could’ve dug their way through some.

Theory B: New underground tunnels have been secretly made, just to smuggle people in/out.

32 :jademirror23: 9/3 (13:40:02) ID: 2cb19vn9
But why would you want to smuggle anybody *out* of Kurtow?

33 :PrettyTami: 9/3 (13:41:48) ID: 5fb29eu8
Why smuggle people out of a place where they’re not accounted for, where no laws are enforced, and where there’s little to no government oversight? Let’s see…organ harvesting, human trafficking, forced labor, and about a thousand other reasons, none of them good.

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