[Dated 25 Years Ago]
To All Tartarus Research Facility Personnel:

According to our initial reports, the earthquake has caused significant damage to the facility, including a partial ceiling collapse in Sector 1 and severe flooding in Sector 2.

As many of you are already aware, we have lost all communication with the surface. Until communication is restored, or a support team is sent to us, we will work to repair any structural damages to the best of our ability and keep this facility operational.

It is imperative that Sector 3A not lose power. We will divert critical resources and reroute all functional solar backups to that area.

Until further notice, TRS-04 is under lockdown and no personnel may leave the facility.

An update will be posted this evening.

Jarden Rivers
Facility Command

GunRiot. Story by Midnight. Art by Kuraikabe1990.